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The logo of Golden Sun Legends project!:3

The squirrel represents Skyberry Symphony and this strange face (btw it’s Elemental Hermit) represents Neshirys.


The music of Golden Sun, re-done!

A dramatic retelling of this story of adepts, psynergy, djinn, gods and monsters!

With music by Skyberry Symphony  and artwork by Neshirys

YouTube Playlist

Download the album on SoundCloud!

See the album artwork!

Golden Sun - Book One by neshirys

"Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy ruled over the world of Weyard. Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into thriving civilizations, like lead into gold. But in time, man’s dreams gave birth to untold strife. Dreams of endless riches, of eternal life, of dominion over all that lived… Dreams of conquest and war."

I wanted to draw Golden Sun fanart for ages..

And I want to say thank you to SkyberrySymphony who with their wonderful arrangements of GS soundtrack made me feel the magic of this series again~

And I’ll do my best to support Golden Sun Legends project! <3 Golden Sun fans, we need you too! 

"Breezee in the hair" - one everyday of random challenge sketches and the last one coz exactly one week passed,yay!:3

Naansha is singing (aww, it’s been a while bro!) and enjoying the moment of breeze x3 (he’s a pirate but really nice one! Has a good heart <3 )

"The guardian" - one of everyday random challenge sketches :3

Lugia gijinka and my oc Neshi, sketch from May’14

”[..] survived thousand years of oblivion

[..] is seasoned in neverending battles

[..] is persistent enough to continue 

Struggles for existence, for minds, for ideals

Will you put your life on the line?

Will you dare to face the Elemental Hermit?”

..Nah, thanks! I quit this dungeon! Dx *runs for life *

"Mysterious one" - one of everyday random challenge sketches :3

This sketch is from 2o13 but I decided to show more of my old stuff at last. This guy appears and disappears in almost every story I create :3 So mysterious, yay. 

"Singing the song" - one of everyday random challenge sketches :3

Neryuu is singing and her voice summons some phenomenons. Sairo is creating illusions that come into being with the song too. Mru~!

"Order of the Swan" - one of everyday random challenge sketches :3

Well, the topic was kinda weird. I decided to draw a “shelter” for birds and their protectors. It seems that they’re a kind of order who protect them.

"Heroine from your original story" - one of everyday random challenge sketches :3

I drew young Neria coz it’s been a while since I drew this outfit x)

"Rungee- time to eat!" - one of  everyday random challenge sketches :3

Rungee hunts fishes but only if he has no better choice. Above all he loves Mimma fruits that are so yummy and nourishing. 

"Night under the moon" - one of  everyday random challenge sketches :3

Pokemon Rainbow - Professor Macadamia by neshirys

Professor Macadamia from Pokemon Rainbow for a friend :3

WIPs of my Golden Sun fanart x) Crossing the fields of Angara :)

Finished art soon~

(Why do I always prefer wips of my works to the final result? 8D)

TRACK NAME: I was born for this
ARTIST: Austin Wintory

Stat sua cuique dies / To each his day is given. (The Aeneid (X.467)) 

Maél is mé tó féran. / Time it is for me to go. (Beowolf, 316-319) 

ὤλετο μέν μοι νόστος / - Lost is my homecoming (Homer; Illiad) 

C’est pour cela que je suis née - I was born for this (Joan of arc) 

C’est pour cela que je suis née - I was born for this (Joan of arc) 

この道や / 行く人なしに / 秋のくれ / Along this road / Goes no one / This autumn eve. (Bashō) 
(phoenetically: Kono michi ya / yuku hito nashini / aki no kure) 

Ne me plaignez pas - Do not Pity me (Joan of Arc) [reprise “I was born for this”]

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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